The Town of Bentley and Lacombe County are working together to encourage commercial and industrial growth opportunities in Section 23-40-1-W5M. The aim is to prepare lands for future development by providing critical information needed by potential investors who may be interested in establishing a business in the area near Bentley. This includes:

  • Detailed plans for the types of land use that may be possible;
  • Patterns of land use and future road connections; and
  • Opportunities to access to municipal water and wastewater services.

The Project will create an area structure plan for Section 23. The process to prepare lands for investment also involves adjusting the Town boundaries to add commercial and industrial lands to the Town and cost and revenue sharing arrangements between the Town and County. On the page that follow you will find:

  • Information about the background studies and materials that have been completed; and
  • A draft land use concept and servicing concepts.

Initial engagement with the public took place at the end of November 2022 and the feedback obtained from that meeting was incorporated into the plan. This feedback, included the removal of the two Southerly Quarter Sections on the south side of highway 12. The focus continues to be the encouragement of long term commercial and industrial growth. On May 23, 2023 Mayor and Council for the Town of Bentley, reviewed and accepted the revised draft plan as information.

Lacombe County also reviewed the draft plan through Reeve and Council on June 8, 2023. On June 29, 2023 a public engagement was also held at the Blindman Valley Agricultural Society Building – the draft plan and other information was presented to the public.


Why is the Project being undertaken?

In 2018, the Town and County adopted the Town of Bentley/Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP). The IDP coordinates long term land use planning between the Town and County and covers expected land use patterns and future expansion/annexation by the Town. The Plan Area for the Project is identified for a combination of future commercial and industrial uses; some of which is to be developed as part of the Town and some within Lacombe County. The IDP speaks to preparing for the joint and cooperative development between the Town and County. (Click to see a copy of the Town of Bentley/Lacombe County Intermunicipal Development Plan).

The IDP was followed by the creation of the Town of Bentley and Lacombe County Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) in 2021. The ICF is an “umbrella agreement” that sets the stage for various sub-agreements between the Town and County to foster mutually beneficial development and delivery of services. It helps put the ideas of the IDP into action.

The Bentley-Lacombe County Joint Development Initiative builds on the work of both the IDP and the ICF. It seeks to create an overall development concept for the Plan Area that can be used to inform key decisions around:

Lands that should be added to the Town prior to development or developed in the County;

  • Opportunity to extend municipal water and wastewater services to all or parts of the Plan Area;
  • Coordination of shared infrastructure such as the road network and storm water drainage systems; and
  • Arrangements between the Town and County for the sharing of costs and revenues as development occurs in the Plan Area.

The intent of the Project is to foster economic growth and development opportunities for the Town of Bentley and Lacombe County based on a solid set of plans and agreements.

One of the key outputs of the Project will be an area structure plan (or ASP) for the lands southeast of Bentley within Section 23. An ASP is a policy plan that, once adopted by a municipal council, provides a framework to guide future subdivision and development in the given area.

Materials to Review

Work on the Project to date has created background information and draft concepts relating to land use and how to service the Plan Area (Section 23) with roads, water, wastewater and storm drainage systems.

The Draft Southeast Bentley Area Structure Plan Background Sections can be downloaded below.

Please find below the original display boards from the first open house. This information has since been updated with the revised plan.

Please find below the updated Area Structure Plan, which removed the two Southerly Quarter Sections based on public input.

Please find the final copies of the following studies below (Biophysical Assessment, Servicing Study, Transportation Impact Assessment)

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Want to discuss the Project?

You are welcome to send in your comments to us. If you wish to discuss your comments or have questions you are welcome to call. Emails and phone calls can be directed to:

Albert Flootman, RPP MCIP, Project Lead, Parkland Community Planning Services

The Draft ASP will be available for review on June 29, 2023 at the next public engagement, please see this page for further details regarding the public meeting.  Further announcements on key dates and updated materials will be posted on this page.