In 2022, recognizing magic and potential in our small town, Bentley Town Council and staff sought development of a robust Brand Strategy (incorporating tourism and economic development / investment directional strategy) to be a workhorse for pursuit of an ambitious community development vision.

Working with Fort Saskatchewan, AB-based Unfussy, the resulting Brand Strategy works to preserve what people most appreciate about the Town of Bentley today— small community feel, quaint, quiet, friendly, charming—while looking to the future and ensuring it is seen as a vibrant place with local job opportunities and a high quality of life:

We are the model small town reimagined; an affordable, family friendly community that has enhanced its quaint charm with unique recreational and business opportunity, including tremendous potential to be the Region’s dinner table as an agrifood investment hub.

The Brand is an authentic representation of Bentley as a modern reimagining of wholesome, small town living, where living whole means living large. With convenient access to major transportation routes, urban centres, essential amenities and provincial attractions, and a no limit approach to all season recreational adventure or the enabling of entrepreneurial and enterprising vision, the Town of Bentley is not a dot on the map, but a checkmark off the bucket list. A place where residents, visitors and investors can experience a true kaleidoscopic life of vividly hued, lifestyle-defining moments worth basking in. Ever unfolding patterns of connectivity and community, affordability and opportunity allow us to take a progressive foot forward powered by traditional values to reach for our dreams and hobbies quicker, buy a new home or launch a new business sooner, raise our families better, and retire with comfort earlier.

Vibrant, compelling visuals and messaging urges the viewer to take another look — because this is the Bentley we know can come to be, for all who choose to gain new perspective and focus on the things that matter most. The things that take our words away and allow us to simply be. And it’s the word Be that’s key. As in Bentley is a place to truly belong, and Bentley is the place to be. In fact, this simple word is so fitting that it even appears in our name, at the very beginning of it all in fact — hidden in plain sight, just like the Town itself…

Until now that is.