Fold back the cozy, handcrafted quilt from its homespun, pastoral setting and look beyond the calming picturesque landscape with its perfectly symmetrical tree-lined streets and perfectly manicured lawns and gardens…past the carefully maintained homesteads and well-preserved heritage storefronts, and see a tightly knit stomping ground of constantly shifting impressions and opportunities more interactive kinetic art form than sleepy bedroom community…

Behold the model small Town of Bentley, like a kaleidoscope for the young and the young at heart. An ideal rural setting for all people, all colours, and all lifestyles to exist in harmonic fusion.

A roll of the lens displays effective and ambitious mixed use planning, stylish downtown revitalization and expansion, a made-ready workforce of residents holding an apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma, and advantageously low business and operating costs to incentivize and enable entrepreneurial vision and job creation on any scale.

Convenient proximity to major transportation routes and an abundant quantity and diversity of land, water, and utility services for future industrial and commercial development use paves the way for us to be all in on agricultural investment.

be here

Rich with history, yet humble in design, Bentley may be simple at first glance, but a deeper look reveals ever unfolding personal, professional and recreational opportunities, and a richness of time and clarity to allow the creative mind and spirit to run wild and free without ever having to lift your gaze or uproot your life.