On September 13, 2022, at the Regular Meeting of Council, the proposal (idea and concepts) being presented by ECO Tree Generations in collaboration with the Bentley Farmers Market was once again considered by Mayor and Council. A motion was approved with a 3 for and 2 against vote as follows:

THAT Mayor and Council support the concept presented by ECO Tree Generations and the Bentley Farmers market; AND

THAT Mayor and Council authorize the CAO to negotiate a long-term lease and operational agreement for the space necessary to support the concept and idea presented by ECO Tree Generations and the Bentley Farmers Market; AND

THAT Administration work collaboratively with ECO Tree Generations and the Bentley Farmers Market to explore and apply for funding opportunities to support the implementation of the project: AND

THAT a public meeting be held once a successful negotiation has been completed to share the details of any business arrangement and seek public feedback regarding the design of the community space. There has been no approval of leased land or an operational agreement and there has been no commitment of funding at this time. The vote by Mayor and Council only authorizes me as CAO to negotiate a business arrangement between the Town, The Farmers Market and Eco Tree Generations, both of which are registered societies. If and when we successfully negotiate a business arrangement that works for all parties, Mayor and Council will have the final say regarding approval or not of that business arrangement.

It is also important to note, that the Town has always intended to continue to build a temporary skating rink, while we look to find a more permanent solution, such as a rink proposed by ECO Tree Generations. There has never been an intent not to build the temporary rink. As well, the initial concepts and designs presented to Mayor and Council and the Public, were just that a concept. This is a community project, and feedback from the public is important to ensure that the project is done for community by community, for example if the skating oval is not supported in the design, it can be changed to a hockey rink.

Mayor and Council and town administration are committed to transparency and open communication with the public and we are excited about the potential positive impacts that this community project may bring to the Town of Bentley. Through partnerships such as this, societies have access to grant funding that the town does not and if we are successful in a negotiation, may bring new community assets to the community of Bentley through funding provided by means other than through taxation. Please look for updates regarding a future information session once we have successfully concluded negotiations.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Town Office at (403)-748-4044.