The Town of Bentley and Lacombe County are working together to encourage commercial and industrial growth opportunities in Section 23-40-1-W5M. The aim is to prepare lands for future development by providing critical information needed by potential investors who may be interested in establishing a business in the area near Bentley. This includes:

  • Detailed plans for the types of land use that may be possible;
  • Patterns of land use and future road connections; and
  • Opportunities to access to municipal water and wastewater services.

The Project will create an area structure plan for Section 23. The process to prepare lands for investment also involves adjusting the Town boundaries to add commercial and industrial lands to the Town and cost and revenue sharing arrangements between the Town and County. On the page that follow you will find:

  • Information about the background studies and materials that have been completed; and
  • A draft land use concept and servicing concepts.

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